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Coyote: Alerts, GPS & Traffic (previously known as iCoyote) is an app that alerts you of traffic and other complications when driving. Thanks to its gigantic community of active users, you can get helpful alerts on all kinds of accidents and other adverse driving conditions on the road ahead.

The way Coyote: Alerts, GPS & Traffic works is very similar to other real time GPS apps. This app displays your route and speed limit at all times. The main difference between this app and other similar apps, however, is that it also has traffic and accident alerts. In the settings, you can specify exactly what kind of situations you want to be aware of: potholes, narrow roads, bad weather, etc.

Coyote: Alerts, GPS & Traffic is a great app for anyone who regularly drives in Europe. Thanks to all its useful information, not only can you get where you're going, but you can do it safely as well.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher

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